Thursday, 21 September, 1865

Frederick had a long talk with Bill this morning. Is very penitent, wishes to be permitted to bring his children back. Bill and I concluded under the circumstances to pay him at the rate of six dollars per month and feed his family, seven in number, for whatever services they may be able to render, clothe themselves and pay their own Doctors’ fees. Whatever in the way of clothes I give them will be gratis. I expect to do by them in sickness as I have always done, prescribe for and attend to them, but can’t furnish quinine as I have been in the habit of doing. – – I had a perfect understanding with Frederick and he seems to be well satisfied. I gave him some meal, fish and meat to carry to the Point for them to travel on. – – Hardie went to Mr. Houchings’ and got the buggy and went to Toombs, the fruit growers, for some peaches, but they were all gone.1John E.W. Toombs, 58, is listed in the 1860 US Census as living in the household of Martha Ann Littlepage. This would be some distance from the Sharon community referred to in the 1849 thinly veiled advertisement for his fruit nursery. In this reference it would have been a very short ride for Hardie from Mr. Houchings’ to Aunt Martha Ann’s. That may indicate he was still living there in 1865. By 1870 he may have been living back near Sharon. – – Nan and Zac went grape hunting.

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