Thursday, 22nd March, 1866

A lovely day. Commenced breaking up the lot by Corbin for oats and clover. Randolph is sick. Jim and Washington are hauling manure. Mr. Powell sent 4 or 5 bushel oats by them. – – Jim got 3 pecks potato seed. Patsy assisted me about making her dress today, and swept the yard this evening. – – George Washington’s housewarming comes off today.1 I dissuaded Hardie from going. He and Zac went floating tonight and caught 19 shad (no school again today). We have only caught 55 shad yet.

  1. This is Caroline’s only mention of George Washington. Unfortunately for us, the KW Personal Property Tax Rolls for 1866 mentions two George Washingtons. The significant difference between the two is that one is credited with owning 2 horses and 50$ of “household and kitchen furniture” while the other is listed has owning no property. They may have been father and son. Hardie was likely planning to attend the housewarming of the former. But only one George, property-less, is listed for the next two years. Then in 1869 four George Washingtons appear, one owning one horse and living in West Point. The following year, also the Census year, the rolls are back to two, neither with property, but one still in West Point. The Census only records the West Point George Washington, 26 living with Dolphey, 45, perhaps his mother. Anyone with information that would help us sort out these Washingtons is invited to contact Caroline’s Journal.  (back)

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