Thursday, 24 November, 1864

A bright day, but very cold. Patsy‚Äôs complaining. I walked up to see her, but found she had nothing to complain of. Met with Bill at the barn and went with him to look at the stable of horses and mules to see how he had fixed the stalls up, then to look at the two beefs he had put up to fatten. The servants were getting their breakfast. Uncle Bartlett asked me to give him some sole leather for Dellah’s shoes. I gave it to him.1That Uncle Bartlett made a request on behalf of Dellah would suggest a family relationship. Told the servants I would give them a nice Xmas present if either one would find out anything about my bee hive stolen within the last few days, as full as it could be with honey. – – I have my opinion about it, but have not expressed it. – – Cut out my alpaca dress today. Bake has been finishing off some things for Rose, such as pantalettes, gowns, a cloak, &c, &c, &c.

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