Thursday, 28 December, 1865

The same sort of weather still. I arose when the children arrived this morning, five o’clk., and made them go to bed. They enjoyed themselves very much. Unexpectedly to them, had dancing.1 Liv returned from there to his Uncle Billy’s and home tonight. Took supper at Mt. Hope. – – Had a beautiful evening and I’ve been looking for Ju and Meg all the evening. Rose and I walked to the barn and quarters, we were so lonely. Nan and Zac both asleep, and Bill out. Two gentlemen came to purchase ½ doz. cows. I had not as many to spare. Offered them four for $160. They are undecided whether they will take them till they return from King and Queen.

  1. Dancing was very much frowned upon by the devout at Zion. For Caroline’s thoughts on the matter see her journal entry for Wednesday, 19 July, 1865.  (back)

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