Thursday 30 March, 1865

A delightful rainy day, as mild and balmy as May. We were troubled right much last night on hearing that the gun boats were landing Yankees at the W. House again. Sent Martha and Addison to Ju’s for a few potatoes and some salad. Received a note from Ju more cheering. – – The rain has come down in torrents today. The freshet was too great to bring the cows across the meadow. Cleared up and had a beautiful sunset and twilight. Bill and I sat in the front porch and enjoyed it very much. He wound a ball of cotton to hang the seine with. – – Clouded up and suddenly had a tremendous rain.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 30 March, 1865”

  1. My wife and I appreciate very much all that you have done in getting the Journal Entry each day. We read it every day. Lewis (Liv) Caroline’s son is my wife’s great,great grandfather. My wife’s name is Mary Page Layell, Littlepage being her maiden name. Her mother was Emilie Littlepage. Emilie lived in King William County. She passed away about eight years ago.

    Question – Mary and I went to the Woodbury area a few months ago. Are there any markings showing where the Woodbury Plantation and grave site may be located? Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks, and again we appreciate all that you do in getting these Journal’s posted.

    Tom Layell

    1. Tom, Great to hear from y’all and that you are enjoying Caroline. If you don’t mind I would like to contact you privately for help in updating our Littlepage family tree. Other than the naming of the “new” road into Woodbury – Woodbury Road and Little Woodbury Road – I know of no other general site marker. The location of the Lewis Littlepage’s grave at Woodbury mentioned in the Journal is unknown. I suspect that at Caroline’s death he was removed to the Littlepage family plot at Aspen Grove and she was buried there with him. But I have no real evidence. I hope some of Lewis and Caroline’s descendants will shed some light on this for us.

      1. Oops – I made a mistake. My wife’s maiden name is LaPrade and not Littlepage. Her mom’s maiden name is Littlepage. The information regarding my wife’s great, great grandfather is correct. Sorry for my misstate.

        Bibb – I also sent a message to your personal email.

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