Thursday, 4 May, 1865

Fine cool weather. Planted cotton today. – – Col. left after breakfast. Showed me a mysterious letter he received some months ago respecting Bake, myself and himself. An anonymous letter written by some fiendish, disposed person who harbors in his breast a heart as black as midnight. He will meet with his rewards. – – Robert Boykin came for Hal.1Robert Boykin, a brother of Willie and Belle Boykin is listed in the 1860 census as five. It seems strange that a ten year-old has come to escort Hal Brumley, who is twice his age. There may be another Robert Boykin. The Col. and Willie Boykin left about nine, Hal about eleven. Pigeo, Zac and George Turner walked with him as far as Larkin’s, and returned to dinner. – – Mary left at 5 o’clk. Bake and Nan walked with her. – – Transplanted a pretty parcel potato plants this evening. Liv opened the holes, Dellah planted them.

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