Thursday, 4th January, 1866

About ten or eleven the sun made his appearance for a short time, but not long to remain. I put my hen and chickens out for the first time. He soon withdrew his light and before night we had a little snow. Nan took advantage of it though and rode up to Ju’s on Shakespeare a short while to get a book for Rose. I sent Zac up to see the Col. about his school and to know if he could enter at this time. He expressed some pleasure at his doing so. – – Zac received an invitation to Larkin’s to a sociable given Coly Edwards and Lady.1 He repaired there after taking something to eat. Larkin sent a servant on horseback for Nan to come without fail, also Bill and Hardie. The two latter went, but Nan is having chills and I was afraid for her to turn out at night. The boys returned about two o’clk. – – Patsy washed today. – – I walked to Jim’s house to see Clarissa, who is sick. Ascertained what she needs and told Jim to come for the medicine tonight, which he did. – – Dandridge made some complaints to me this morning respecting Addison, who had offended Bill, and he saw cause to correct him. After having some conversation with him, he became reconciled, but not to the satisfaction of Bill. – – Martha cooked dinner today. Baked a very nice partridge pie of birds Hardie killed this morning. – – I repaired several underbodies for Nan today. Tucked two of her dresses yesterday for Rose to wear while she is down.

  1. Coly Edwards and Lady are the recently married Prestley Coleman Edwards and his bride Mary Beverley [Robinson] Edwards. In an 1862 letter from Private Julian Edwards to his father Dr. Lemuel he writes: “I now hasten to let you know I am here in our own Virginia all safe, and sound, in order to relieve you of any feelings of anxiety in regard to me, as Coly wrote you in his last that he heard we were in Pennsylvania.” Julian is Dr. Lemuel’s eldest child. His son Prestley Coleman, who must have been known as Coly, is his second. Both served in Company H, 9th Virginia Cavalry.  (back)

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