Thursday, 5 January, 1865

A very pretty day overhead. The snow is melting off some. – – Had the pork hung up this morning. – – Bill went on guard duty to meet at Sauesville ten o’clk.1 – – Did not return till after we had retired. In a few minutes, Mr. Thornton came with a prisoner to stay all night. Had been with him to Millers, “Crutchfield Johnson.” 2 – – The Lieut. and Hal didn’t come this evening. They’ve received invitations to a social at Mrs. Lewis’ on Joe’s return, or Friday. Perhaps that prevented. – – Did some repairs to Hardie’s overcoat and put buttons on his “gutta-percha” coat today. – – We retired early tonight. Hardie read a few chapters in Acts of Apostles tonight. – – Aunt Becky hasn’t come yet. Don’t know what detains her.

  1. Sauesville remain unidentified. Suggestions from our readers would be appreciated.  (back)
  2. 1860 U.S. Census Records show a Crutchfield Johnson, 33, living in Crawford County, Illinois with a wife and 4 children. He is listed a a teamster. But no war record has come to hand. That is as close as I have come to identifying Caroline’s Yankee visitor. Of course that is assuming the prisoner is a Union soldier. The Home Guard would probably have been just as likely having an AWOL Confederate soldier or draft avoider as a prisoner.  (back)

5 comments on “Thursday, 5 January, 1865

  1. Nancy K. Seiler says:

    Do we know who Mr Thornton is??? My KW families are Thornton, George, and Pemberton. Sterling S. Thornton was married to Mrs Sarah Ann George’s daughter Virginia and lived close to Indian Town. Sterling and Mrs. George’s 2 sons names are on the statue in front of the Court House. It always makes me sit up a little taller when I see Mrs George’s name in the journal.

    • Bibb says:

      S.S. Thornton (47) is shown as an employee of the King William “Enrolling Service” in Lieut. George Haw’s Ledger, archived at the KW Historical Society. His military status is listed as “Reserve” rather than “Light Duty” and he is a “Member of the (Home) Guard.” So I think your Sterling S. Thornton has officially made his appearance at Woodbury. He will be back.

  2. Tom Brown says:

    Bibb, I’ve lost the ability to click the down button and see the archive months. Scrolling back to 6 January 1865 took a while. Can you please fix this?

    • Bibb says:

      Me too! I just did an “upgrade” on the site and something must have broken. I’ll work on this today. Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Bibb says:

      I removed the old archive calendar and made a substitution. I don’t like the colors much, but it seems to work.

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