Thursday, 5th July, 1866

Another fine morning. Bill’s sowing peas. I am afraid they will be too late to do well, but I don’t know how it could have been avoided. Labor is so uncertain and changeable, we can make no calculation about anything. He has sowed eleven bushels black peas purchased in Balt.@ $9 pr. bushel. Very warm thermometer, 98 degrees in the passage, and exceedingly dry. – – Had some onions taken up this evening. They are very fine, silver skins, raised from the seed sown last year. – – Nan and I indulged in running a race knitting on our stocking this evening. Enjoyed a few rows very much, it’s seldom I find time to knit. – – Someone robbed me of my bottle of milk out of the spring. A boat passed up the river with some freedmen in it. I suppose they came ashore and perhaps helped themselves.

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