Thursday, 7 September, 1865

Though we have frequent showers, the air cools very little. The weather is intensely warm. Had a beautiful rain this evening. Hardie and I sat in the front porch till ten, after it cleared up. He gave me a description of his trip to Danville. Bake was upstairs at work, and after Hardie retired and went up, took a nap on the bed by her while she worked till after 12. The second night she has worked this week. I was opposed to it, but she insisted upon it, being so much interested in what she was about. She cut out 4 pair drawers, a chemise and double gown today. – – Nan fixed a pink lawn skirt for herself and I dipped that, (and) a Swiss muslin and calico skirt in starch for Bake for Parky to iron this evening. She has been complaining, therefore has taken four days to wash and iron this week. Bake laid out some things to bleach tonight.

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