Thursday, 8th March, 1866

Still cold. Hardie’s birthday, and I made him some cakes, two kinds, and all enjoyed them. He received a letter from Danville by Zac, who came by the C. H. and brought it. Mag sent for me to spend the day tomorrow, but the weather is too cold for me to turn out in the buggy. She had been to spend the day at the Col’s. Went with the girls in Mrs. Hill’s carriage, and the day before went in Co. with Mrs. Slaughter and Miss Mary to spend the day at Hardin’s.1 (Wonders will never cease.) Sent the Col. $12.50 in advance for this session this morning and a note with his acct. to reconsider and make some deduction for last half session.

  1. Co. would be Caroline’s abbreviation for Company.  (back)

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