Thursday, 9 February, 1865

Another pretty day. Ju and Horace walked down after breakfast. Brought a piece of cashmere for me to cut him a pair of pants. He is wonderfully pleased with the pair I am making for Hardie. Tried them on. I had his cloth sponged. – – Dellah gets on right well weaving. Patsy’s spinning wool for filling. – – I was in hopes when Ju had replaced his servants he would again resume his wanted cheerfulness, but he still has a source of trouble, one not so easily remedied as replacing the servants. – – He and Horace left before dinner. Took Pigeo’s measure for a pair of shoes, he is going to have made for her. – – Bill rode Duroc away today getting up Government arms. Sent four mules to have shod, anticipating a trip to Richmond tomorrow. – – Mr. Shackleford spent the night.1Another mystery visitor. Shackleford is well-known family name in Caroline and King & Queen counties, but not in King William. – – I sat up the rest of the night after taking a nap when we had finished supper. I packed up a box for Liv containing a meddling and ham of bacon, a beef tongue, sausage, sweet potatoes, peach leather, dried peaches, butter, soap, ground peas, walnuts, 6 doz. herrings, some stewed molasses, &c and a little bag of meal. – – Finished off both pair of pants and fixed some potatoes, &c for Hardie.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, 9 February, 1865”

  1. how could she send butter to Liv? I thought butter would spoil if not kept cold. Thanks for an reply.

    1. It is winter, nature’s refrigerator. And I doubt the butter will spend much time in a warm environment; those soldiers were hungry.

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