Thursday, 9 June, 1864

A delightful day, sweet breeze and pleasant all the time. Bake, Nan, the Col. and Zac to row, went on a fishing excursion this evening. Had supper early and rang the bell for them. Zac has to stand guard tonight. It was so pleasant after Bill and the Col. returned from their walk to the cornfield after supper, we all sat in the porch quite late. Bake and Nan played some of their prettiest songs and duets. The Col. admired the music extravagantly. – – Nearly finished off two pairs of pants for Zac today. William Todd Robins came for Mr. Stacy about 9 o’clk this morning. 1

  1. William (Todd) Robins (1841-1876), son of John Armistead Robins and Emma Miranda [Edwards] Robins, was raised at Winchester in King William County. He was a member of Company H, 9th Virginia Cavalry, a.k.a. Lee’s Rangers, as was volunteer George P. Stacy.  (back)

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  1. Jeff Chamberlain says:

    It is a shame that I learned that Winchester had been torn down around 3 weeks ago. From what I was told the group of people who own it wanted a new club house and wanted it to be on the same spot as the historic house and so they tore it down. Again what a shame.

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