Tuesday, 1 August, 1865

Very pleasant weather now. Hardie and Zac took an excursion up the river. Went as far as Walkerton Mill fishing. Only caught a few perch and a chub. Bill rode to the Acquinton Church to get some part belonging to a plough of Mr. Houchings. Paid $3 and something for it. They all returned just after we had dined. – – I am feeling very much debilitated still. In bed most of the day. – – With Pigeo’s assistance, made some very nice pear preserves, also a few blue plums peeled. The first I ever made. My sugar was indifferent though or they would all have been extra nice. Pigeo undertook them, I instructed her. – – Bake trimmed and altered another dress, lilac borage trimmed beautifully with crepe trimming Hardie brought from Europe. She certainly works with dispatch and neatness. – – Parky did washing for herself, husband and children yesterday evening and today, then went in the potato patch with Patsy and Beck and laid up the vines and worked the potatoes. They get on slowly though. Bill grovelled a few yesterday.1 They will be very fine I think. – – He bought 11 lbs. sturgeon on his way home. Paid $.55 for it, very nice.

  1. Now we have grovelled! (See 19 October, 1864.) I suppose it is OK just so they come out of the ground whole.  (back)

2 comments on “Tuesday, 1 August, 1865

  1. Nancy Mickles says:

    My mother, who would be 105 years of age if she was living, used to call it “gravelling” for potatoes. It was when you would scratch under the potato plant before all of the potatoes had matured and get some small potatoes. She would cook them with green beans which she called “snaps.”

  2. Robbie says:

    We call them new potatoes, and have always called them snaps. Next time you go into a restaurant try asking for snaps and see if the wait is from the county.

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