Tuesday, 1 November, 1864

Another pretty day. I arose early this morning. Had Bill wakened to fan wheat to send to Richmond. I prepared some things to send Mary, some dried peaches, carboy of molasses, some butter and lard, a ham of old bacon, some potatoes, a bunch of cotton for candle wicks, a few herring, and some potato bread and cakes for the children. Also sent a jug molasses to Albert, Tom and Leah.1Albert, Tom, and Leah seem Littlepage slaves.They are in Richmond, either loaned to Mary or hired out. Sent twenty-six bushels wheat by the wagon. – – Cut out another shirt for Zac. – – Bill and Zac sowed seven bushels oats this morning. Then Bill rode Nellie to the C.H. and the owner of her, is the rightful owner, came up and proved property and claimed the horse. She had been stolen before Bill bought her.2Bill bought “Nellie” on 22 August from Mr. Tolston. We will hear from Mr. Tolston again, but not Nellie. – – It grieved him a good deal to give her up.

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    1. Great Question! I have added a link in the text to the word carboy, also known as a demijohn. Just click on the word and learn all about it. The containers are still used today, often in home brewing. I happened to see some just a few weeks ago. Filled, they can be quite heavy. If made of glass, they can easily break when dropped. The Littlepages will deal with this misfortune a bit later.

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