Tuesday, 11 October 1864

A very beautiful day and quite warm. Got the boilers to work pretty early this morning. Boiled upwards of thirty gallons molasses today, excellent molasses. Hill and W. D. Pollard came by as the huntsmen passed.1William D. (Dandridge) Pollard appears in the 1863 tax rolls as the owner of one slave and one horse. But he does not appear as a land owner. As he first appears on the list in 1861 (with only a watch to declare), this would indicate a young man. Why then is he not in the military service of the C.S.A. ? This is explained in the KW Conscript Book of Lieut. George Haw. W. D. Pollard, 26, is exempt because he is Clerk of Circuit Court, deputy for J. O. (James Otoway) Pollard, 44, his uncle. W. D. was one of a long line of Pollards in the KW Clerk’s office. His portrait, along with other Pollards, hangs in the old KW Courthouse. I gave them a snack of biscuit and molasses. They were very much pleased with it. Made a finish today, having been ten days closely employed about all the time and I can say that I am heartily tired of it. – – Zac has been trying all day to get ready to start to his Camp, but gave it out. Made it too late. – – Bill arrived about 5 o’clk. – – Put on the third boiling of juice after Bill came, and I had to give it up to them to have finished and go in and lie down. They wound up with big molasses stew. Nan helped to pull it. Bill had the tubs molasses brought in and retired having lost sleep hunting for men. – – Patsy prepared the ground and made the hills for potatoes and onions today. – – Poor Bake, I am sorry it’s entirely out of my power to send for her. Bill and Zac are both ordered away this week. – – I had the hogs put up today. They are becoming so troublesome.

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