Tuesday 12 July, 1864

Rain is much wanting. Didn’t have enough last evening to get the corn out of the twist. Bill had corn shelled this morning for some poor people. I went to the barn while he was eating breakfast and had another barrel of corn shelled and measured. Two of the Walters’ servants came for four barrels corn without an order. I told them to go back, that was not the way to do business. They did so and soon returned with an order from Mr. Davis, his agent.1Likely the same Mr. Davis who picked up 5 bushels of corn four days ago. This Mr. Walters is likely Fleming Waters, about 54, a local miller. This is not likely the Mr. Warters, probably W. S. Warters (or Walters or Waters), who is a member of the local Home Guard who frequently visits Bill and Zac. Bill went out and delivered four barrels corn to them. – – Finished cutting oats yesterday. Today we are ploughing potatoes, cotton, &c. Patsy planted the lot in corn behind the smoke house. Frederick ploughed and laid it off. – – Bake’s weaving on my dress. Wove one yard today. Bill’s suffering right much with cough and cold, is _?_ prudent though. Parky’s little baby is very puny, have been giving it token doses of Calomel, it has never been a healthy child since it was born, though it’s ravenous about eating. – – Zac returned from Miller’s this evening, where he went to yesterday from Aylett’s. His Uncle Billy came over on his way home. They will all remain at home till 4th of Aug., at which time they go in service and if Bake goes to Mary’s as she expects to do shortly, I shall be lonely and unprotected if the Yankees come, but my trust is in my God, as it has ever been.2Besides Bill and Zac, Caroline’s brother Billy (William M. Ellett), 46, is eligible for conscription. He appears on Lieut. Haw’s rolls with blue eyes, and grey hair. At 5’ 10” he would be among the taller confederate soldiers. I pray for help and strength from him. – – Had potatoes, cotton, beans, &c, ploughed, and weeded.

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