Tuesday, 13th March, 1866

Very warm and dry, disagreeably so. Ju walked down and brought me a note from Mag requesting the loan of some little things as they expect to have company tomorrow evening and a longer table than usual. Sent eight plates, a coffee pot, 2 lbs. butter, a salt shad, table cloth, &c. – – Hardie put the new seine out again and tried to catch a shad for them, but has never caught one yet. – – He is right wasted in looks, but missed his chill last night. – – The servants are giving us some trouble again. Martha particularly, because I objected to her going on a visit for several days. – – Bill rode away this evening to see the men who engaged to take a mutton to Rich., been disappointed in making his arrangements and can’t take it. Luck seems to be turned against us lately, but it would be wrong to murmur. – – We were all sitting up when he returned about ten, and he went down and got something to eat.

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