Tuesday, 14 June, 1864

Thank God the Yankees have not returned yet, but O the anxious suspense I have been in all the time. – – Momentarily expecting something, we know not what. After they left yesterday I thought it was useless to hide the mules again and ventured to have the cotton, peas, potatoes, &c ploughed and then sent them to the cornfield.1I have standardized Caroline’s various abbreviations for “et cetera” as “&c” Parky followed the plough. I am at work on Zac’s round-a-bout, Bake wove, Dellah and Bettie at work on my chemises.2A round-a-bout was a short close-fitting jacket worn by men and boys especially in the 19th century. – – I sent the 1/2 doz. late papers by Zac to read.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 14 June, 1864”

  1. Bibb: What city is the location of the house?
    Is this near the Newport News area? Or is it
    Further north above Williamsburg?

    1. Michael,

      Woodbury was located in central King William County on the Mattiponi River, about 2 miles from the Court House. As the crow flies, it was about 27 miles NE of Richmond. That would put it about 55 miles NW of Newport News, 35 miles in that same direction from Williamsburg. No 1865 cities or towns nearby.

      If you look under the Woodbury drop down menu, select “Woodbury Today” and use the zoom out button in the bottom right hand corner of the image, you can get a good idea of the location.

      Hope this helps.

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