Tuesday, 14 March, 1865

A most beautiful day. Had the garden ploughed by Bartlett and sowed peas this evening, the row and a piece next to the river Rose gave me. The next, Mrs. Claiborne Hill gave me, the next Hal brought me from her Grandma, and the next mine. – – James King came this morning. – – Bill walked to the C.H. at dark and returned in company with Mr. Hill. I sent Frank to Ju’s for some onions and cabbage seed. He wrote a note back by him rather startling in its character.

One comment on “Tuesday, 14 March, 1865

  1. Great reminder to start my cherry tomato seeds indoors!!!!!! I’m just about finished eating the ones I grew last year that have been stored in my freezer…I hate it when I run out. Maybe I should plant a few more this year! I like growing my own because I know no harmful chemicals have been used, just good ole Green Mount soil.

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