Tuesday, 14th May, 1867

Quite a pretty day. Had a powerful rain, attended with severe thunder, vivid lightning last night. – – Finished planting all the ground prepared, and will commence reploughing the rest for corn planting tomorrow. Uncle David is fencing in the clover lot at last. If it had been done earlier, no doubt it would have been an excellent lot of clover, but it has been grazed down by every kind of stock. – – Pigeo’s making her calico dress and Mary at work on Carrie Sue’s dress.1 We all went in the garden late this evening and transplanted the rest of the late cabbage plants.

  1. The 1870 US Census lists Caroline’s granddaughter “Carry” Haines, daughter of Garland – listed as John – and Mary E. Haines, as 4. That would make her about 1 when this dress is being made. This seems to be the only written account of Carrie’s middle name.  (back)

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