Tuesday, 17 January, 1865

Quite a dismal morning. Soon came on to snow fast. Washington had the carriage hitched pretty early and at the door to take me up to Ju’s to see Dr. Lewis, whom I expected to meet there, as it was mail day. Notwithstanding the snow, I started at ten o’clk. accompanied by Pigeo and Hardie, but the Dr. was not there. We returned home to dinner. No end to the children’s fixing for school. Gave them supplies of needles, pins, paper, envelopes, pens, holders, wafers, spool cotton, &c, &c, &c. Made salt bags for Pigeo and Hardie to put around their waists before they go away. It’s my opinion there is great virtue in them. I believe in keeping off chills. I laid down at dusk, feeling right much indisposed and slept till about ten o’clk. Arose then and Pigeo, Nan and myself had a nice molasses stew for Hardie and themselves to carry away. Had some strong coffee, which kept my eyes open till 4 o’clk., at which time we retired for the rest of the night. – – Lieut. Haw left with Bill for the C.H. while we were there.

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