Tuesday, 17 October, 1865

Rather cool for the season. Bake has some little jobs for Margaret. Hal Brumley and Robert Boykins came about eleven and spent the day and night.1We met Robert’s brother Belle (Isabella) and brother Willie (William) on 15 July last year. Click on this link to see the family footnote. Assisted Bake about some of her work. I love Hal, she is such an obliging sweet girl. – – We were all sitting quietly after dinner, Hal, Bake, Pigeo, Hardie and myself, Nannie in bed in the back chamber, when Hardie walked to the front door and saw a stylish looking charioteer approaching the house, and who should it be but Lieut. Arledge with a white servant driving him. Produced quite a sensation. Nan hopped up out of bed and dressed, the first time she has been up today. Bake was right much excited. While they were all getting ready, I went down and had a lunch set out for him. Hardie accompanied him down. Sent some dinner out to the driver. – – Hal staid all night and sent Robert Boykin. – – Got a quarter of beef from Ju. Sent Jim after it and Hardie and I cut it out and had some for dinner. I sent Bill’s dinner to the field every day. Sowed 18 bushels more today.

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