Tuesday, 18 April, 1865

The weather is cool. Have not finished planting corn yet. – – Martha has been quite sick all day. Gave her Tartar and Calomel tonight. Bill has been away nearly all day. Liv rode to the C. H. and returned to dinner. He and Zac floated this evening. Had the molasses taken in this evening by Jim and Frederick. – – Tom sowed two rows broom corn in the potato square today. Zac took Mary’s Tom and got me some pea sticks. I made a bonnet for myself today and went about a pair of pants for Zac. Pigeo made ginger cakes this evening. – – Nan found my blue Va. cloth dress today. – – President Lincoln was shot dead a few days ago and Seward was fired at in house a day or two ago. It’s very strange I think, if anything is strange nowadays. – – Wrote Mary a short letter tonight to send by Tom in the morning. Hopes he will not be interfered with. Said but very little, was afraid it might be taken from him.

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