Thursday, 2nd June, 1864

Very warm and dry again till evening. We had a delightful rain and O such another battle as has been going on all day. Surpasses any other day since the war commenced. – – Commenced planting beans today, and transplanted a few more potato plants this evening. – – Bake takes a great deal of care with her turkeys, she has fifty odd, very pretty. Mr. Warters came by for Zac this morning.1There were three male “Waters” taxed in King William in 1863. The family name is so spelled on other official documents, including the 1860 Census. Caroline may have been using an older spelling of the family name that is closer to local pronunciation. I am making no changes in her spellings. Gave him a basket of victuals and a cooler of milk to carry to the mill. Bill feeling rather better. Gave him salts this morning.

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