Tuesday, 20th September, 1864

Seasonable weather. Commenced the quinine with Rose before day as her chills come before breakfast. It succeeded very well. – – I went down and fixed up some butter and lard for Ju, 7 lbs. butter and 5 lbs. lard. He will get it in a day or two. – – Measured and out off the skirt of one of Nan’s linsy dresses. Will give Stuart two also. – – I am drying a pretty parcel of peaches now. – – Bill had the turnips ploughed this morning. Went up for the mail, no paper. Brought me a letter from Pigeo. She’s home sick all ready. Nannie Lewis is still very sick, they sit up with her every night. – – Permitted Nan and Rose to go to the table today. – – Jim brought flour and mail from Mr. Robins’ Mill, it was carried last week. – – Had the little room cleaned up and cradle brought down and rockers taken off for Stuart. The dearest little heart in the world, but as bad as he can be. Nan and Rose are well enough to get the large doll out to play with and dress this evening. They’ve not played with it for a long time. It seems to give them new life. They have something to do though to take care of Stuart. The poor kittens stand no chance. – – We are all winding on Ju’s cotton, getting it ready to put with mine for the loom, but it’s badly spun. – – Martha’s getting sweet potatoes for market. Want to send over some 15 or 20 bushels if I can this week. They are very fine. – – Finished pulling fodder yesterday and commenced stacking.

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