Tuesday, 21 March, 1865

Another lovely day. – – Sent Scott to Ju’s to ascertain the truth of the threat made by Gen. Sheridan respecting burning all the dwellings in five miles of the C.H. – – Catesby Lewis came this evening to inform us that Gen. Thomas’ Army Cavalry, Infantry and Artillery had reached the Piping Tree and were about to cross.1If Gatsby Lewis did indeed tell Caroline that Union General George Henry Thomas was at Piping Tree, he certainly was in error. “The Rock of Chickamauga” was in Tennessee. More likely Caroline is noting the arrival of Brig. Gen. Thomas C. Devlin of Sheridan’s First Division to the banks of the Pamunkey. Of course we are hopeless, but try to be resigned to whatever our fate may be. We are trying to secure what little we can find that the Yanks overlooked, which was precious little, but for securing some things before hand we should have been left in a state of starvation. Thank the Lord we were admonished somewhat to prepare against them to some extent, and we will try and content ourselves and not murmur and look back to the flesh pots of Egypt. – – Planted a row of corn today.

One thought on “Tuesday, 21 March, 1865”

  1. Their spring must have been much nicer than ours have been.
    No planting of anything here as too cold and wet.

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