Tuesday, 24th July, 1866

Quite pleasant this morning. Bill rode to the shop at Acquinton church on business. Returned by Ju’s to dinner and had that animal brought home. He expects Mr. Gary to take breakfast here in the morning. Pigeo’s at work on her new dress, and Nannie trying to knit, but quarrels with Liv all the time for not coming down with her hat to wear to the exhibition on Thursday. I am anxious to attend also, but am afraid it will not be in my power. Bill’s business will not permit him to leave home. Commenced about his rutabaga patch this evening. – – I cut out two linen chemise for myself this evening.

2 comments on “Tuesday, 24th July, 1866

  1. Kath LIttlepage says:

    What kind of animal would result in the killing of Mr. Dunn’s horse?

    • Bibb says:

      We will learn later that it was an ox. Oxen are commonly used as draft animals. Think a tractor. And while usually docile, they are dangerous when not. All oxen are cattle, but not all cattle are oxen. That is probably why they were not listed separately for local tax purposes. The Littlepages were taxed for 12 cattle in 1866, certainly some of them oxen.

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