Tuesday, 25 July, 1865

Quite warm. I arose quite early and went out about the fowls. Went to the office to see Frederick, but all were asleep in there and I did not arouse them. Though Frederick pretended to be sick. He came in with a great deal of presumption and accosted me for giving nary a slight correction for a misdemeanor. I exercised a good deal of patience with him and reasoned with him on the necessity of training children properly. The creatures scarcely know what to do with themselves. The idea of being set free has made them forget that the white people used to be free too and aught to know how to treat them. – – Ju walked down and spent the day. Sent Buck with him when he started to carry a bucket of butter. He sent me some tomatoes by the boy. – – Bill engaged two men to ditch today. Furnished them four pounds meat and ½ doz. herring and meal. I don’t know how much.1According to Henry Gregory, who lives at Woodbury – and whose grandfather owned and lived there – these ditches served no practical drainage function. They were on “high ground” and used to demarcate Woodbury’s property lines. During a recent visit I found them still quite visible in many places. As we will learn in a few weeks, the ditchers will cut almost half a mile. In the 1860 U.S. King William Census Ben and Alfred Fortune, likely brothers, are listed under Occupation as “Ditchers.” Unfortunately Caroline will not name these men who ditched at Woodbury. – – Finished hemming Bake’s skirt and paged my apron and commenced the 2 things. – – Bill’s machining. – – Willie Turner and Alice Hill came this morning to spend the night and tomorrow.2Readers will remember that Willie and Alice [Turner] Hill are siblings.

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