Tuesday, 25th September, 1866

The weather is peasant, tho’ warm. I am in bed all day again today. Bake gave me two pills, blue moss mass , tonight. George is convalescing, still complains a little occasionally. Pigeo’s housekeeper, Nan is sick and in bed with me. We have very little waiting on. The few servants that are here are nearly all sick. Jim and Patsy are the only ones well. Nothing is going on in the way of farming. Bill has sore throat and confined to the house most of his time. Ju came down to shoot sora today. Came out of the marsh after we had dined, but went down and got some dinner. Gave me a doz. birds, gave him two to pick them. Patsy finished washing this evening. Swept out the culvert and brushed round the doors before getting supper. She has had to milk ever since Clarissa has been sick. She is ever faithful and true.

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