Tuesday, 26th July, 1864

Very pleasant since the rain. Bill and Mr. Hanes rode to the C. H. The former continued his ride to Mrs. Lewis’ for the onions we engaged for Mary. He was unable to get more than one bushel. They returned to dinner. Bake is busy preparing for her trip. She thinks of staying a very long while. – – Measured the cloth she wove for Mary. We can’t account for its overrunning so much. I warped 28 yds., and it measures up 33 ½ yds. It must be owing to waxing it in the loom. – – Bill brought the mail. Bake received a letter from Sallie Wright, with one enclosed to Hardie. She writes so affectionately. We all feel well acquainted with her though none of us have seen her.1Affectionate Sallie Wright remains unidentified. – – Bill and Garland went fishing this evening. – – I fixed up some lard and butter for Mary, will send her ½ doz. shad. – – Commenced fallowing for wheat.

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