Tuesday, 28 March, 1865

Quite a pretty day. Bill rode Jim to the C. H. and brought letters and papers, the first that we had received for weeks. Bake, Pigeo and Nan received letters from Zac. He is now in Brunswick County. – – Had bacon, lard, molasses, &c brought in the house, ten pieces bacon stolen while out. I think it is a shame. – – Martha has been cleaning up below two days, and I think it will take two days more before I can go down and make use of the rooms again. – – Liv expects to start tomorrow. Sent to Hill’s and borrowed his little wagon to send him over in, sent them a shad. – – Sowed another row of early York Cabbage in my hot bed. – – Fixed up some things for Liv. – – Wrote a PS to Bake’s letter to Hardie and Mary. I also wrote to Hollins Institute respecting the children for Liv to take to Richmond. Wish to enter both till they are educated. – – Patsy came in the chamber to spin with Martha on her wheel.

4 comments on “Tuesday, 28 March, 1865

  1. Peter Wood says:

    I don’t see Patsy in the cast of characters? It was apparently a shift to allow her into the chamber. Do we know the names (and numbers)of those who rarely appeared in the Big House?

    • Bibb says:

      My oversight. Patsy appears early and often. See 25 June. As the Journal progresses I am hoping we can piece together the story of the individuals and families of Woodberry’s slaves.

  2. Tom Brown says:

    On June 5,1864, Jim was a slave. Do they also have a horse named Jim? On July 4, 1864 Caroline wrote,”…Patsy cooked breakfast, Dellah dinner and Parky supper…I am teaching the young ones to be cooks.”

    • Bibb says:

      I don’t believe the Littlepages have, or will have, a horse named Jim. They will, however, soon have two with interesting names.Perhaps Caroline omitted “with.” I will check the original text.

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