Tuesday, 3 October, 1865

After breakfast, Hardie and I took a ride to town. Found it very troublesome shopping, difficult to find what I wanted. Indeed there were some things I never could find. We returned after the family had dined. Found it very easy to spend money and show very little for it.

2 comments on “Tuesday, 3 October, 1865

  1. Rob Tyler says:

    What “Town” would She be speaking of?

  2. Bibb says:

    The Garland Hanes, Jr. residence was located in what is today Richmond’s Brookland Park Historic District. But in 1865 this property was located in the relative countryside of Henrico County, about a mile and a half from down-town Richmond, still practically walking distance. When the area was developed decades later it was named for the residence of Garland Hanes, Sr., “Brookland” who owned much of the land in the area. Among the streets running north/south across today’s Brookland Park Boulevard are Garland and Hanes Avenues.

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