Tuesday, 30th April, 1867

Raining this morning, nice seasonable weather now. If the corn was in the ground it would be very well. I transplanted another row of Early York plants this morning. Bill remained in bed, to miss his chill till 12, then rose and went to Erin where the hands are making the cow pen to have a batch of fodder hauled. Vessels are coming by now plentifully, for the purpose of carrying off grain. Its bearing a good price at this time on acct. of the scarcity in Ireland. – – Had the cows out in the Erin field this evening and Bettie milked the first time, across the creek. – – Bill rode to the C. H. and returned to supper, no letters or papers.

2 comments on “Tuesday, 30th April, 1867

  1. Mary Roy Dawson Edwards says:

    Miss Caroline mentions “potato pudding” several times. Do you have her recipe?

    With great-grandparents and grandparents adjusting to life on an Albemarle Co., Virginia farm after the Civil War, I find this journal fascinating. Her mention some days back of the North wanting to confiscate some of her land to give to the freed slaves was astonishing news to me.

  2. Bibb says:

    No, I have not investigated “potato pudding.” Looking for period recipes for dishes found in the Littlepage journals sounds like a good project for someone.

    You must remember there was/is no “the North” except in the minds of some southerners. The United States, even minus the Confederacy, was then a large diverse place where many people said many things from time to time. A small number of people did call for a program of distribution of land to the freedmen. This land would come out of property owned by southerners seen as having committed treason against their country. There were precedents for this as lands owned by British Loyalists were sometimes confiscated during and after the American War of Independence. This redistribution of land to the freedmen never happen on any large scale. But the rumors proved politically useful for blacks and whites alike.

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