Tuesday, 4 October, 1864

The weather still cloudy. Bill didn’t retire till 3 last night and there was no early rising this morning. The Lieut. left about ten. Zac went up to see if any mail came, but there was none. There is no one to send a paper. Every man who can shoulder a musket has been ordered to the field. – – Made about the same quantity of molasses we did yesterday, about 40 gallons in all. Nearly filled one barrel. I am in hopes to finish this week, for it hinders everybody. Put Parky to pulling the fodder today. – – Patsy washed, Bettie weeded the circle. – – The weather has been too wet for the children to go to school this week. They are altogether taken up at the furnace. We have four boilers at work, and pulling fodder, hauling cane and grinding at the same time keeps all pretty well employed. Bill and Zac went in the marsh tonight and killed 2 doz. and 5 sora. They are very fat. – – Sold 2 lbs. butter to Sallie for $17.

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