Tuesday, 4th September, 1866

A quantity of rain fell last night. Too wet to fallow, I believe. Washington did something to the cowpen. – – Bill has been little indisposed today, from eating imprudently I think. Sent Washington out to look for labor. Pigeo had another chill today. Liv had one yesterday, 2nd one. – – Nan is sewing on Zac’s shirt, has nearly finished it. Gave Addison quinine today. He is much better. – – Jimmie Spiller spent the evening with Zac. They both rode out about 5 o’clk. to make a call. Pigeo made a cravat for Liv and a pin cushion for a friend of hers before her chill came on. – – Mr. Cooke took supper here this evening, he and Zac in the front parlor. We had eaten supper before they came. – – Paid Mr. Cooke $30 for oats purchased of his father in 1860. I am of the opinion though that they have been paid for. He promises to refund the money if they have. Gave Jim Calomel and Jalap tonight. – – Patsy broke some blk. wool before dinner. – – Transplanted turnips after dinner. I cut out a chemise for her for Martha to make. Find but little time myself for steady work.

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