Tuesday, 6 June, 1865

The weather is warm, but pleasant morning and evenings. It has been cloudy all day. The boys went fishing and caught a nice dish of perch. All returned to dinner. – – Zac ploughed today, and Bill, Liv and Hardie weeded two rows of peas a piece before they went fishing, and this evening Liv cultivated the watermelons. I am fond of industry and it is certainly gratifying to me to see the boys at work. – – I wove a little on my dress today. Have very few minutes to stay on the loom at a time. Logan brought Pigeo home from Mr. Winston’s party this morning to breakfast, arrived about 9 o’clk. He left after taking breakfast. Bake and the Lieut. Returned from their morning ride after we had finished breakfast and had just left the dining room when Pigeo and Logan came.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 6 June, 1865”

  1. This is interesting, a day in a life. I write narratives about my ancestors. Elizabeth Littlepage born Dec 11, 1703 in New Kent Co married William Chamberlyne immigrated from England and established Poplar Grove on the Pamunkey. Richard and Frances Austin Littlepage were the parents of Elizabeth in New Kent.

    1. Hi Morna,

      I am interested to know how you descend from William and Elizabeth Littlepage Chamberlyne. I have a database in which I keep our families together, and I would love to be able to add you and your line to it.

      Sue Terminella (Bibb’s sister)

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