Tuesday, 6 September, 1864

Fine weather. Bill and Zac rode to the C.H. Bill soon returned for the money to purchase county bonds amounting to $10,000. They both returned to dinner. Cornelius Slaughter came to shoot sora, both went with him.1Cornelius was the son of P. H. Slaughter of Airville. He was about 14, a year older than his sister Puss who visited last week. Airville was down the county, near Sweet Hall. However, with military activity in and around West Point and the lower Pamunkey, the Slaughters may have been living closer to KW Courthouse for the time being. Good many guns were fired and I certainly expected a sora, but was disappointed. – – Cut out a colored shirt for Zac and Dellah and myself, nearly finished it. – – Bill left with C. Slaughter before supper and returned at bedtime.

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