Tuesday, 7 March, 1865

Another beautiful day. Sowed six bushels oats today, making seventeen in all. Three double ploughs pulling them. Jim’s fallowing for corn with the steers. – – Bill and Liv walked to the C.H. I contributed for the soldiers, six barrels corn, fifty pounds bacon and fifty pounds corn beef. Persons contributed right liberally. I went in the garden this evening and sowed my hot bed. The 2nd row on each in Early Dock cabbage, the outside row next palings tomatoes, one half red and the other yellow, the end next orchard red. The middle row lettuce, the other outside row radish. – – Nearly finished my dress today. Parky washed and Dellah made a chemise for Beck. Bill came this evening and brought some letters for Bake. Liv remained at Ju’s.

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