Tuesday, 7 November, 1865

The weather is fine for work now. Hauling and shucking corn today. Hardie fixed the bench to my sausage mill. – – Fixed the boys a table and other things necessary for their comfort in the basement for reading and smoking till bedtime of nights we have too many around our fireplace, and find it impossible to have the chimney fixed to the other room. – – I am still in bed trying to diet myself and get well. Bill is anxious to have some hogs killed and has to delay on account of my health. He is very persevering and energetic, and I don’t like to do anything to retard his progress in his farming operations. If I am not better in a day or two I will send and get Mrs. Lipscomb to come over and attend to it for me. – – Liv Lipscomb and Lieut. Robinson called on Pigeo this afternoon.1

  1. For Liv Lipscomb see 31 August, 1864. Lieut. Robinson should be easy to identify. But he remains illusive.  (back)

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