Tuesday, 9 August, 1864

Very warm. Zac has taken quinine yesterday and today and is much improved by it. – – Tom is not so well as he was yesterday. Has a slight rise in fever.- – I am very much weakened from effects of “Tartar.” Bill’s having oats fanned. Larkin came to settle Mr. Burke’s account. Paid $738 ½ principle and interest. – – Nan nearly learned “Hunter’s Chorus” and “Fishers Hornpipe” before she started to school. She has a sprightly mind and I hope it may be well cultivated. – – Bill rode to see what had become of Washington and the meal. They returned after ten.

One comment on “Tuesday, 9 August, 1864

  1. Malindi says:

    You can kinda tell she doesn’t feel well, her diary entries are shorter.

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