Wednesday, 13 July, 1864

Fine growing morning. Mrs. Moser came in a cart before breakfast for the ½ barrel of corn pr. order of Mr. Hillyard, and I sold her ½ barrel @ $50 pr. bushel, which she says Mr. Moser will pay for soon. – – N. Terry came to see about getting corn as a barter for making a boat the 1st year of the war @ 20.1 Wished to get corn at the old price, $4 pr. barrel, but I told him that was rather more than I could do. I told him if he objected to receive Confederate money, I would try and get Va. money. – – Mrs. Moser left before dinner. I gave her a plate of butter, lamb, piece of a ham, bacon, milk, mess of field peas, loaf bread, &c for which she was very thankful. – – Mrs. Moser sent Bake a little present of a reading. Gave Iverson melted butter this morning.2 The 3rd dose of calomel _?_it improves under the treatment. – – I have commenced giving Shakespeare medicine, give him a tablespoonful (hair-store), pounded a half teaspoonful copper and a little salt in a fodder meal, one a day.3 He was looking badly. – – Zac and Bake rode to Dr. Lewis this evening and spent the night. The school adjourns tomorrow.

  1. Terry is another old King William family name. The 1863 Tax Books lists a Nat. Terry living within a mile or so of Woodbury.  (back)
  2. Iverson is another slave at Woodbury.  (back)
  3. No idea the meaning of hair-store.  (back)

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