Wednesday, 14th March, 1866

A most beautiful day, fit for all kinds of work. – – Bill finished sowing the clover seed he left on Friday, and commenced sowing oats. He thinks he sowed from 15 to 18 acres in clover. – – Patsy washed today. Martha’s jobbing and chopping a little in the garden. – – Nan got through her lessons quite early, and is reading the life of “Bainuin” in her spare time.1While the transcriber wrote “Bainuin,” I am not convinced. Please click on the word and offer some better suggestions. Hardie spends most of his time reading, i.e., is very particular in his instructions to Nan in the French language. She took her second lesson in her drawing book today. – – Dandridge came in about nine tonight to let me know he had promised to take •Martha visiting the rest of the week. I told him I was very busy and couldn’t share her sooner than Saturday, but he argued it and said she was free and had never enjoyed her freedom in taking pleasure yet and he wanted her to do so, and I had to yield. Notwithstanding, she has two days in the week to go or stay as she pleases. Nothing that I could say could dissuade him from his purposes. Bill and Hardie returned from Ju’s about 12 and were very much exasperated when they heard of the course Dandridge has pursued, but I advised them to go to bed and not act precipitable. It certainly is an unpleasant certain state of affairs and it seems that we have no redress. I make every allowance for them and know that it is perfectly natural. Who does not desire liberty, no one except those who do not know how to appreciate it. I cannot blame them.

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  1. Could that read “The Life of (P.T.) Barnum”, his autobiography first published in 1855?

  2. i think Barnum too. Once elected to Congress in 1865 he spoke out on his abolitionist views.

    1. I wonder if those views were hinted at at all in that 1855 work.

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