Wednesday, 15 June, 1864

This is the coolest weather I have ever know in June, and dry withall. The corn has changed color a little on account of it. It’s fine for the wheat, sugar cane is looking first rate, also peas, potatoes, &c. Garden in desperation. So many different rumors about the Yankees. Mrs. Lipscomb came to inform us that they had left the White House.1 She took dinner with me. Gave her some meal, milk, butter, ac. I sent Frank with her to bring the things back. – – On Bill’s returning home we learned that the Yankees had not all left the White House, and intend making more raids.

  1. This is the first appearance of a member one of the numerous Lipscomb families in King William. Just which Mrs. Lipscomb this is unclear, we may be able to make a decent guess later.  (back)

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