Wednesday, 16 August, 1865

Quite a pretty day. I missed my chill. – – Bill went to Mill’s Mill to see Jimmie about fixing our mill. – – Commenced pulling fodder today. – – Roland Lewis dined here.1

  1. John┬áRoland Lewis, about 25, is the son of the late Dr. John Skyrin Lewis of Mount Rose. We met his sisters Joe and Livinia on 20 December last year.  (back)

2 comments on “Wednesday, 16 August, 1865

  1. Jean Wood says:

    I’ve cut and turned hay, and oats, and I know of pulling mangels and turnips for winter feed (done very late in the season) and of making silage, but can anyone explain what “pulling fodder” refers to?

  2. Rob Tyler says:

    I’m thinking “pulling fodder”, would be a crop that did not bear fruit – example: corn that did not bear a cob. Perhaps, just a stalk with either no cob, or a cob without much kernel. Using the stalk and it’s leaves as “fodder”

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