Wednesday, 18th July, 1866

Intensely hot and dry. I was up quite early this morning and got ready, Zac and I to spend the day with Will and Ann.1Will and Ann are Caroline’s brother and sister-in-law. Riverview is on the banks of the Pamunkey River near Cohoke. It was once the home of Caroline’s father and will be the home of Dr. Julian Edwards, great-grandfather of the author of this footnote, and eldest son of “Cousin Lem.” We started about 6. Stopped at Canton and made a few purchases. I left there about 8 for River View, arrived there at ten o’clk. Spent the day very agreeably, and left there at ½ past 6. Crossed over the Old Mill in returning, but went down the other way, which was still farther. We arrived at home about ten o’clk. Had a delightful ride. Found all had retired, so Zac and I went down and found some supper. He went to the spring for the milk and a pitcher of cool water. I am beginning to feel sad at times at the idea of his leaving for Lexington in Sept. I know the separation will be painful and I shall miss him so much, especially on Sundays going to Church, but I will endeavor to put my trust in the Lord. He has provided for me hitherto, and at the same time, commit him to his care and keeping, beseeching him each day of my life to watch over him, guard and guide him through the many perils to which he may be exposed, sustain him in every trial and enable him to surmount all the temptations by which he may be surrounded in his future pathway.

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  1. Just wanted to say I am enjoying the footnotes just as much as the journal!

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