Wednesday, 20th June, 1866

Another fine day for any kind of work. No one left except Jim, who left with permission to cut wheat. Randolph ploughed the turnip patch and Washington the peas. Bill would take first one plough and then the other. – – Clarissa made up her mind to leave her husband last night and never remain another day with him, he is treating her very shabbily, but I went out and had a long talk with her and persuaded her to try him a little longer. She is a good wife and doesn’t deserve such treatment. I have a great partiality for her and will use all my influence to have matters amicably settled between them. – – Zac attended the singing. Rode Fannie and went to Chericoke to see Jack Braxton again respecting the money we sold him corn for last summer, and although it was sold for cash he has never paid a cent.1Caroline actually wrote “Cherry Coke,” anticipating the soft drink by about a century. But the accepted spelling of the Braxton residence is Chericoke, which is used here. Zac had not returned when we retired. – – Nan took another painting lesson this morning, but concluded she felt too badly to do anything and stopped. I gave her broken doses of tartar emetic and think it improved her during the day. Addison is sick. Gave him some also and he is much better tonight. Harriet came for bacon. Sold her a shoulder weighing 10 lbs. I tied up onions this evening and do so many different things in the way of drudgery, that when night comes I am so tired I am ready to tumble down anywhere. – – An accident happened to Mrs. Hill’s carriage today, but no one serious hurt.

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