Wednesday, 22 March, 1865

A blustering day. Two soldiers came for breakfast. We gave them some. I’ve been employing myself in the garden having my strawberry square weeded and manured by Patsy. – – Dellah sowed beets and carrots. – – My potato plants are coming through prettily. – – Had Nannie’s garden hoed up by Patsy. She had a molasses stew after we had taken all out of the boiler and taken care of it. Fortunately for us, after boiling over a barrel of molasses, it was so thick we could not put in the barrel again and had to let it remain in the boiler. They did not touch that thinking it was lye or soap. – – Bill and Liv walked up to Ju’s after supper. Mr. R. Hill came today. – – Lieut. Haw sent orders to Bill by Mr. Madison. The boys started to Ju’s, but turned their course. – – I am all the time missing something the Yanks have taken. I am making discoveries of more disasters.

3 comments on “Wednesday, 22 March, 1865

  1. wortley white says:

    What on earth is molasses stew? I have noticed it mentioned several times. It is a wonder they have anything to eat or sell
    after the Union got through plundering and robbing.

  2. Tom Brown says:

    We found this recipe for Molasses Taffy in Charlemae Rollins’ book, Christmas Gif’:
    (10 servings)
    2 cups sorghum molasses, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla
    Boil sorghum molasses until it reaches hard boil stage. remove molasses from stove; add butter and vanilla; stir only enough to mix. Pour into well-greased platter or shallow pan. Let stand until candy begins to stiffen at edges. To prepare for the fun of “pulling” taffy, butter hands lightly. Take a lemon-size portion of taffy in hands. Pull out and fold back repeatedly until candy changes to a golden color. When taffy begins to harden, either break into sticks or tie into knots or rings, as desired.

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