Wednesday, 22 November, 1865

A beautiful morning. Willie Turner started after breakfast to Smyrna to hear Dr. Hopson. – – I wrote to the “Eureka” Gift association and sent 75 cents for three sealed envelopes.1 – – Patsy washed out some little things for Pigeo after breakfast and I starched them. We expect Pigeo to start tomorrow. Hardie will carry her. – – Counted out thirty-five dollars in silver for Mr. Goss for the rest of the session. Gave Pigeo $12 for pocket change, and twenty-five dollars to Hardie to pay expenses. Paid him the ten dollars I borrowed of him when Zac went to Richmond. – – Gave Pigeo a molasses stew tonight. The boys helped her to pull it and all enjoyed themselves very much, while I took a nap.

  1. At first I though Caroline was participating in a church related activity as Dr John Thomas wrote Eureka: An Exposition of the Apocalypse (1861). Guess not.  (back)

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