Wednesday, 26th September, 1866

I felt more unwell this morning. Bake gave me a pill, the same Ju made for George. It had a powerful effect and made me very sick and prostrated me very much. Only took a little chicken water and rice. Bake went to the kitchen to show them how to make a new Savannah dish of rice. I don’t fancy it very much. – – Pigeo makes quite a good housewife for her short experience. Nan still in bed. – – I took quinine and missed my chill today. Bill’s in bed most of the day with sore throat. Jim left for the marsh and didn’t so much as put the cows in the pen, though Addison was sick. Of course, no milking done. Nan called Bill about dusk to go out, so he had to attend to feeding and no one to help him. – – Washington still sick. Bake fixed up Bill’s neck in flannel wet in camphor and No. six at bedtime, which relieved him a good deal. – – George comes in every day to sit a while.

One thought on “Wednesday, 26th September, 1866”

  1. I assume malaria is what keeps the Littlepage family and their servants ill so often. It reminds me of Thomas Jefferson worrying about his daughter, Martha, and her husband, Thomas Mann Randolph, living on the farm he gave them on the James River near Richmond. After some effort, Jefferson got them re-located to the Charlottesville area, and away from the threat of malaria.

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